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    Wedding Recap: Shari and Andy

    I can’t say enough good things about Shari and Andy’s wedding. It was the perfect mix of fun and romantic…sometimes its hard to perfect the…

  • DSC_0458

    Wedding Recap: Aaron and Rebecca

    Get ready to swoon over this gorgeous, beach wedding porn. Beautiful couple, beautiful venue (the Annenberg Beach House is one of Pop the Champagne’s favorites) and…

  • lindaabbottphotography_wedding_losangeles

    Wedding Recap: Doug and Kevin

    Doug and Kevin’s wedding was an explosion of love 30 years in the making. Yes- 30. I am not even going to start on a rant about how unfair it is this gorgeous couple had…

  • SkylerMatthewWeddingWeb-319

    Wedding Recap: Skyler and Matthew

    Today I get to share a very cool wedding – I know cool is such a lame word, but it was. The couple was cool, the venue was cool, their modern, funky decor was cool- oh ya,…

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    Wedding Recap: Monica and Ken’s Backyard Karaoke Wedding

    I think the title of this post says it all. I mean, it was in a backyard, and there was karaoke. How could that not be fun? Monica and Ken love karaoke so they had it at their…

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    Wedding Recap: Ericka and Paul

    Happy to be sharing a wedding I coordinated a couple months back for Ericka and Paul! This couple was so much fun (not to mention beautiful) and their wedding reflected that. Huge…

  • My besties...that's what bouquets are meant for right?

    You can totally wear it again! (Or not)

    Ah, the bridesmaid dress. They have a bad reputation- and for good reason! Girls dread the day they have to go pay $300 for a dress that doesn’t fit quite right in lavender…

  • thebridaldetective

    Programs…necessary or not?

    As I have said before, when it comes to weddings I am not a fan of doing a tradition for the sake of doing it. This especially applies to one-on-one dances, bouquet/garter tosses…


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