Guest Books are Stupid.

They really are…family and friends write vague warm wishes and then the bride and groom read it once, stash it away, never to look at it again. Luckily, there are a lot of different options now for guest books that are A) way more cute and B) way more useful!

A friend’s wedding I worked on last Fall used a fantastic “Family Tree” poster which allows guests to stamp their fingerprint or leaf-shaped stamps on a bare trunk, creating a beautiful, lively tree that would be fantastic framed on your wall forever! You can find a ton of these on Etsy…

A fingerprint family tree...guests can sign next to their mark!

More fingerprint guest books...peacock feathers and cute!

For my wedding, we had a photobooth that printed out duplicate strips that went into our guest book…yes, it is a traditional book form but the messages are anything but traditional! People get ultra silly in photobooths so we have memories of all of our guests looking goofy and having an awesome time at our wedding.

My photobooth guest book!

Or how about something you and even your kids can enjoy for years to come? Guestbook puzzle!

guestbook puzzle pieces!

Have you seen a unique guestbook lately?

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