Bachelorette Parties…The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This weekend, I “set sail before the veil” on a bachelorette cruise for Natalie, one of my besties. 16 girls, one boat and enough tequila to fill the pool! Obviously this got me thinking about bachelorette parties in general- which can be a difficult process! Does the bride have to give up control over the whole thing to her wedding party? Should mom’s be invited? Since when has the “party” turned into a weekend-long affair?

I opted for the traditional weekend in Vegas bachelorette party…complete with pole dancing class, pool time shenanigans and strippers. Doesn’t get more bachelorette-y than that right? Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everyone thinks a 3-day drinkfest is super fun (or strippers for that matter) so that is why I wanted to share my top 3 lessons learned from my bachelorette party, but also a few other opinions!

7 girls and 1 inflatable penis on the way to Vegas….

Allie’s lesson’s learned:

– As a planner and control freak it was hard to give up some control to my bridesmaids to make the weekend happen but I did and was so happy I did- it made it more of a vacation and less stressful. That being said, I had someone who WANTED to help plan, who took over and made shit happen! DO NOT just assume your friends or family are going to plan what you want- you have to communicate what you are looking for!

– Be respectful of what others may be comfortable with – this applies to everything from travel, cost, to the activities you choose to do. Do not be offended if someone doesn’t want to/can’t/ chooses not to go along.

-Keep the group select. You don’t have to invite everyone. I really love my mom and have SO much fun with her (she usually out-parties me) but I decided there were some things to keep separate! I invited my whole bridal party but no additional friends and it made it feel more special.

At Papa’s n Beer in Mexico for Natalie’s bachelorette party

Natalie’s Lesson’s Learned:

– PACE YOURSELF.  If you go too hard from the beginning, it could put a damper on the rest of the evening or the party.
– Don’t be afraid to be selective with the group you include.  If you have too many girls, it could just add stress, drama, and tension that otherwise wouldn’t be there.  Heck, if you want to, split it up among groups of friends and have multiple bachelorette parties! (I mean, come’on, who doesn’t want an excuse to party more.)
– Regardless of what happens, don’t let the small stuff get to you and just enjoy yourself! It’s supposed to be a celebration of you and the awesome step you’re about to take in getting married, so take it all in, do what YOU want to do, and just have fun!

At the train station for my mom’s “Hen Party”

My mom, Gina, got married last year. She was very hesitant to have a bachelorette party- in fact, she refused to call it that and opted for the more British “Hen Party”. (My tip from planning this one: think about your crowd. I knew my mom wanted to please everyone so we tried to make it flexible – people could participate in whichever parts of the day they wanted)

Gina’s Lesson’s learned:

-First HAVE one! I didn’t my first marriage and I think it would have been fun. It makes you feel bride-y!

-Keep it small-ish. The more girls you have the harder it is to corral them and gives more opportunities for drama.

-Have an activity, the train was the best part!

-Don’t break everyone’s bank!!!

 -Have someone plan it that WANTS to plan it…don’t assign it to someone who is too busy or someone who doesn’t know how to plan fun!

-Don’t get TOO schmammered.

What do you think? Any tips, tricks or lesson’s learned from your experiences?

3 thoughts on “Bachelorette Parties…The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. Doug Rogers says:

    You are becoming wise beyond your years, Allison! It brought back memories of my first bachelor party and the infamous LaPoo LaPoo Mega cocktail. Schmammered I was – and a bit earlier than I’d planned. Could have used your wisdom then – but you weren’t even a glimmer in my eye at that point in time. Great Post! Love You, Dad

  2. Lisa says:

    I had two bachelorette parties, one weekend in Vegas much like Ally’s (minus the stripper!) and another that was actually a night time lingerie shower, planned by a certain blogger you may know ;) It was really nice to have an option that could include my friends that couldn’t get out of town AND people like my much tamer older sister that wouldn’t have really had fun in Vegas. I agree with keeping it small, and if you don’t have a friend that’s willing/able to effectively and cheerfully plan it for you I say plan it yourself! I sat around waiting for someone to plan my Vegas weekend but it turns out my more responsible friends had jobs that made it unable for them to come! I ended up scrambling it together at the last minute myself anyway! My last piece of advice: Wear white to every pre-wedding event! It sets you apart and helps get you in the bridal spirit!

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