Wedding Registry Tips and Tricks


Registering for your wedding is super fun- I mean, not since you were a kid do you get to make a list of presents you want and it is totally acceptable and even encouraged! If you feel funny about making this list- Don’t. Your guests really like not having to think of something creative to get you! There are so many registry options that have popped up in the past few years thanks to the magic of the internet…and if you are more of a brick and mortar type of gal, there are a ton of stores other than the standard Macy’s and Crate and Barrel to choose from!

Alternative Registry Options: – This online gift registry collects guests’ contributions for a down payment on a house, home improvements, or furniture; one of the first steps is to design your virtual dream house on the site. Sign-up is free, but there’s a 5.9 percent transaction fee on each gift (your guests can opt to pay this themselves). Funds are collected via PayPal.

REI – Camping gear is fun! People will like that they are getting you something you will use to have fun with for years to come. Available for people to shop online or in-store which is a plus and everything can be easily shipped to your home so people aren’t lugging a tent to your reception. – Honeymoon registries are the new hip thing- it is what I opted for and this is the site I used. Yes they take a small percentage- but you are paying for a service- easy to use, nice personalized site, lots of help. I have heard less than stellar reviews of the free sites. We did both a “traditional” Macy’s registry and this one- it was a nice mix for people to choose what they felt comfortable buying us.

Anthropologie – Technically not a registry- they call it a “wish list” so it doesn’t offer some of the registry perks a department store does, but c’mon – it’s Anthropologie! They have the cutest stuff ever- you totally need this weird forest scene candle holder! – Haven’t heard first hand reviews on this one but it sounds amazing! From “Using this handy website, users can register for items sold at a variety of online stores. You can even sync your existing Target,, Crate and Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma registries to so guests can view all of your wishlists in one convenient location. Bonus: The company recently debuted an iPhone app which turns any iphone into a barcode scanner. Any time a user scans any barcoded item, it’s immediately added to the registry.” Sounds good to me! Anyone used it?

No matter what regsitry you go with, there are a few rules you should follow. My super fab (and newly engaged) friend Virginia worked in the Macy’s Wedding Registry department and has graciously shared her top tips for brides:

1. Register for a variety of gifts in a range of price points. Don’t feel like you can’t register for that expensive picture frame or those luxury down pillows. While all of your guests may not be able to purchase the more expensive items on your list, a good number of them want to buy something at a higher price point and want you to have something you remember them by. Many brides worry that they will seem presumptuous by registering for those big ticket items but rest assured that your guests will feel comfortable buying you quality items.

2. Register for fine china and crystal stemware…if you think you want it. This is the only time in life that people are willing to buy you your fine china and crystal stemware. If you think you might want it for entertaining and holiday and family events somewhere down the line then register for it now. It is one of the more expensive registry items and you aren’t going to want to purchase it for yourself a few years from now. Register for it and later if you decide you don’t want it and it isn’t for you, you have the option to return it and buy something else off of your registry.

3. Give your man the scanner! If you want your groom to enjoy the registry experience and remain involved and yes, even focused, hand over that scanner. Let’s face it, many grooms aren’t too interested in the whole registry process and begin to lose interest and focus within the first 20 minutes. A sure way to keep them engaged is to let them scan each item, making them feel important and like they have a hand in the whole process. Another way to make the registry process more enjoyable for him is to give him a few options to choose from for each item or category of registry necessities. This way he won’t feel too overwhelmed. Take a trip to the stores first with your mom or a girlfriend to scout out what you like and narrow down your choices so when you come back with your groom it will be a much easier and quicker process.

Anyone have their registry tips to share?

2 thoughts on “Wedding Registry Tips and Tricks

  1. Kimberly April says:

    Great tips! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Traveler’s Joy from other brides and I’m totally going to give up control of the scanner when it’s time for my fiancé and I to register. Unless he gets too crazy registering for a million kitchen toys (he’s a chef). Then I might have to take it back from him.

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