Wedding Recap…Kate and David

Very excited to be sharing a full recap of Kate and David’s wedding at Monrovia Canyon Park! Thanks to Robert Paetz Photography for sharing the beautiful images from the day!

Kate and David’s wedding was all about the details…and every single one was hand made and heartfelt. And it wasn’t just the bride busy DIYing the crap out of her weekends leading up to the big day- the groom made the most beautiful wood signs, cake stand, table and even that GORG arch and sign for the ceremony.

Monrovia Canyon Park was a really unique and beautiful venue –  any SoCal brides looking for a location that looks like you are in the mountains, but are totally freeway close to LA- it would also be an amazing place for engagement photos! The whole day had a fun, casual picnic feel to it, while still maintaining the elegance and importance of a wedding!

Burlap and Bunting, Handmade Sign, Fingerprint Guest Book

Love this detail! Handmade cones were filled with dried flowers and hung on each chair.

Chalkboard sign idea stolen straight from Pinterest, table was made by the groom to cover a couple of ugly bbq eye sores- turned into the perfect gift/welcome table!

Of course, I asked Kate to share her Lessons Learned. I LOVE her advice (not just #4) take note brides-to-be!

#1: Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your joy on your wedding day. You can’t do anything about anything anyways — just have a wonderful time and be present — you will never get those moments back.

#2: When planning or DIYing, decide what is really important for you, and do those few things really well and let everything else slide (i.e. if wedding favors aren’t a priority — don’t stress yourself out with them!) — you can only do so much and if you do a few things really well (instead of stressing yourself to do everything perfectly) those things will be absolutely beautiful and will stand out. If you stress yourself out to do everything perfectly, nothing will be perfect  (because we only have so much time people!) and everything will look relatively mediocre.

#3: Throughout the entire wedding planning process and the wedding day — remember why you are doing all of this (to tell the world that you are going to spend the rest of your life with the person you love the most). If you lose sight of that, what’s the point!!!? Love your partner first and foremost throughout your entire wedding planning/wedding day process, if you don’t, the wedding in itself may be pointless.

(Shout-out Bonus) #4: Hire Allie as your coordinator becuase having her there will allow you to enjoy your day in all its glory — let Allie handle all the sh** that you don’t need to deal with — she’s amazing at it!!! (Believe me, there was plenty of sh** that I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with on my wedding day)

personalized cake platter, forks and napkins, super fab cake topper!

So simple and perfect! Peonies and Hydrangeas!

Congrats Kate and David!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Recap…Kate and David

  1. Denise P. says:

    Very cool! I hadn’t heard of this place yet. It looks like it’d be perfect for my potential wedding. Can you tell me what outdoor space this is? Was it Fireman’s Flat? Was the entire event outside or was the reception inside the “cabin”. Did you bring in a caterer for the reception?

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