Wedding Recap- Jessica and Jon

Today I am so excited to share a wedding I coordinated earlier this summer for Jessica and Jon. Jessica is an old friend, and when she contacted me to help, I was so excited to be a part of the day and reconnect with these awesome people.

Jessica and Jon with their perfect son Connor.

Without getting into the whole story, I was actually there when Jess and Jon first met…10 years ago…in a Las Vegas elevator…So it was only natural I was there for their wedding!

Jessica and Jon got married at the Mesa Verde Country Club in Costa Mesa, CA. Their last name is King- so crowns and the royal color purple were the recurring theme which was so fun and personal. Thanks to Alex at Blue Silver Photography for the beautiful pictures!

Well wishes from the bridesmaids written in blue on the bride’s shoes!

I LOVE live music at a ceremony- I think it adds something really special. If you are in SoCal- look up Jonathon Blake Salazar- he did a fantastic job!

Bridesmaids waiting to walk down the aisle…with a drink in hand! My kind of girls :)

The all white bouquet! So pretty!


Here are Jessica’s “lessons learned” for other brides out there:

1. Halfway through our planning we decided to do a first look and see each other before the ceremony so that we could get all of our pictures done before the ceremony. This was the best decision I made because the first look was very special and intimate and I was able to enjoy the cocktail hour. I also think we are going to get better pictures because we werent in a hurry to finish.

I absolutely LOVE this “first look” photo- the anticipation is so cute!

2. I needed a wedding coordinator for the day. If I wouldn’t have seen your blog I never would have looked to find someone to come in but you were truly invaluable. I thought part of what I was paying for was a wedding coordinator with the venue and it just did not turn out that way. I am confident that the day would have been much more stressful and I would have been asking friends and family to help with the set up which is something I did not want to do.

3. I learned you can save a lot of money ordering things wholesale and to always have at least one extra of everything in case something breaks :)

Jess bought all the centerpiece materials wholesale, and I assembled them the day of. They turned out beautiful!

Congrats to Jessica and Jon on their beautiful wedding and beautiful family!

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