Programs…necessary or not?

As I have said before, when it comes to weddings I am not a fan of doing a tradition for the sake of doing it. This especially applies to one-on-one dances, bouquet/garter tosses and cake cuttings (also see my post on guest books). The latest of these wedding “must-dos” to be added to the list is programs. To me, they seem pretty unnecessary, an extra cost and pain in the ass that has to be completed right before the wedding. I did one for my wedding, kind of as an afterthought- simple and printed at home. Big deal? No, but also I doubt anyone noticed or would ever remember they were there.

So just as I had added programs to my list of things NOT to do, I have been seeing some really good ones around! The last wedding I coordinated in fact (recap coming soon) had some really awesome programs! Many feature more than just what song your unity candle is being lit to – how about fun facts about the couple and wedding party- or it can be a good place to answer questions guests may have about what is coming up. I have also seen some rad ideas on Pinterest (well, duh) and there are a lot of great people making templates on Etsy. Here are some of my faves:

This program is printed on a bag that is filled with confetti to sprinkle on the bride and groom after the ceremony- or you could put the favor inside. Double duty program? I like. via

I love the timeline on the bottom with the little icons! Find this from Grace Warren Designs on Etsy.

People are more likely to save and remember an interesting format! I love the photos incorporated and the Pantone style! via

Simple but fun. Answer FAQ’s in the program! via

Give your awesome wedding party some credit. I also like how they explain all the different activities going on- you don’t want your guests to miss out! via

So what’s the verdict? I think if you have some good content to share with your guests, a fun design and a little extra time to put it together- go for it. It is still an item easy to skip that won’t be missed in my book. What do you think?

What do you think?

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