Are Wedding Websites Worth It?

Creating a wedding website has become one of the new “must-dos” for brides (like photobooths and save the dates). Well, I am here to tell you, it’s not a must-do. If you have read this blog before you know I don’t think ANYTHING is a wedding must- you should do what you want! One of the brides I am working with currently was debating whether to make one for her wedding or not, and decided that she is at a computer all damn day at work and the last thing she wants to do is make something that is going to force her to get back on the computer. Word.

That being said, sometimes wedding websites are great tools for guests and brides alike. For example- most wedding sites allow guests to RSVP online- this saves you money by skipping the extra paper and postage as part of your invitations. It also keeps all your guest list info in one place- you can input addresses, keep tabs on gifts received, create seating charts and all kinds of other fun planning items. I also think they are a great idea if you have a lot of guests travelling in to your wedding- you can put travel information, timing, directions, and answers to other FAQ’s. It’s also a place to advertise your registries without looking “tacky”.

While most wedding website builders have free options- some can get crazy pricey- which means this is another thing you can all excited and blow your budget on. Don’t do it! Think about what the value really is to you and your guests, how many people will actually look at it, and how much time you want to invest in building it.

Here are a few options that have free or affordable themes to check out:

Wedding Paper Divas Free Wedsites: Free! Includes everything you need like photo albums, wedding details, journal entries, gift registry information, a blog and RSVP capabilities. The best part about this one? Wedding Paper Divas makes really adorable and affordable invitations that match the site templates so you can be all coordinated and shit :)


Wedding Window: Free- $139 for 2 years. Free option has everything you need but if you feel like gettin’ fancy Wedding Window has lots of fun add-ons like custom email addresses and music for your guests to jam to while they browse your site. Necessary? No, but a fun way to share lots of photos and more information than your guests ever wanted to know about you.


Weduary: Free (with some upgrades available) This one is different and uses Facebook to let guests connect before the wedding. The Huffington Posts says- “Using their Facebook log-ins, guests can use Weduary to see what they have in common with other wedding go-ers, share personal stories about the marrying couple, and even declare their single status to maximize flirting as the wedding day approaches.” Really nice themes and you can help your single friends make a love connection at your wedding!


Did you make a wedding website? What did you use? Was it worth it in the end?

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