Wedding Recap: Alejandra and Nick

When you think about wedding planning challenges, what types of things come to mind? Planning from a long distance away? A short amount of time? Mixing cultures or religions? A beach wedding in February? Well…check, check, check, check.

Alejandra and Nick called me up from their home in New York and said, can you help us plan a wedding in 4 months in LA? (Well, the conversation was a little longer, but that was the jist.) Of course I love a challenge and also instantly fell in love with this amazing couple and couldn’t wait to get started.

Here are some highlights from their beautiful wedding at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica…huge thanks to the incredible Rad + In Love for these AMAZING photos. You can check out more about what Ale had to say about her day on badass wedding blog East Side Bride as well.


The ceremony technically started with the Ketubah signing with just immediate family and close friends. Nick’s family is Jewish and many of Alejandra’s family members are from Mexico so the Ketubah was read in Hebrew and English and then translated to Spanish! So awesome.



The Annenberg is a really beautiful venue I recommend highly- their prices are awesome considering you are practically on the sand in Santa Monica. The wedding was in February and it ended up being sunny and warm all day.


Another great idea Ale had for the ceremony…their parents sat behind the officiant (facing the bride and groom) so that they could see their faces the whole time! I love that.



Nick’s last name is Starr and Ale’s is Ponce de Leon- so we incorporated stars and lions into some of the decor. The flowers were from the talented Floret Cadet (check out her great “budget-friendly” package for showers or parties here).




One of my favorite moments of the reception was when Ale’s sister surprised everyone (including me!) with a sing-a-long. She wrote up the lyrics to “You’ve Got a Friend” and we passed them out to each table and the entire wedding serenaded the bride and groom!


I love Alejandra’s “lessons learned” and the fact that she says her wedding was not the best day of her life. There is so much pressure for this one day to be so incredibly magical and a lot of brides feel like if it’s not perfect it somehow represents them or their relationship….it is just a day!

1) I recommend sleeping as much as you can that week.
2) Eat a good breakfast before you get makeup done. It’s so much harder to eat once you don’t want to mess up your lipstick and so on.
3) Even though my wedding was not the best day of my life, it was still an incredibly special day. It was something my husband and I got to create together. Most importantly, for us, it was the chance to be surrounded by loved ones as we started our marriage. I think that letting go of expectations (your own or from others) will help you enjoy the real beauty of your wedding.


 Thank you Nick and Ale!

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