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It’s about damn time!


I don’t have anything groundbreaking or even new to say but simply HAVE to express how happy I am about the steps the Supreme Court took today toward legalizing gay marriage. I mean, I am literally exploding with happiness and hope- there are happiness and hope guts all over my walls that’s how serious the explosion is.

So cheers- to my friends and family who happen to be gay, to those that have supported equality, to those whose eyes have been opened and to those whose eyes will hopefully open soon. CHEERS TO LOVE.

Oh, and let’s plan some gay weddings! I am simply dying to plan some freakin’ rainbow, glitter filled celebrations…or no glitter…that’s cool too. Take a look back at this gorgeous wedding I coordinated for two beautiful ladies- Which by the way was one of the more traditional weddings I have been a part of! Church and all!

I would like to offer 10% off any package to LGBT couples booked by the end of July (or heck, in the spirit of equality, to any couple who mentions this post!) so call me now and let’s get this party started!

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