Wedding Recap: Ericka and Paul

Happy to be sharing a wedding I coordinated a couple months back for Ericka and Paul! This couple was so much fun (not to mention beautiful) and their wedding reflected that. Huge thanks to the talented Michelle Castro Photography for these great images (brides to be check her out- great to work with and her prices are awesome!)

How many people planning their weddings have Pinterest boards full of ideas that you are “totally going to do”…. ya exactly. Well, Ericka DID it. She did such an amazing job of finding these ideas she liked and making them come to life- and all on a budget!

For example, the Pinterest inspiration photo:


And at their wedding:


And the tablescape inspiration:


And at their wedding:


Pretty impressive right? I would even say I like Ericka’s version better!

Ok, we are getting ahead of ourselves here…The ceremony was held at the STUNNING Wayfarer’s Chapel– commonly known as the Glass Church in Palos Verdes. I mean, it just doesn’t get any more beautiful. Overlooking the ocean, covered in trees and greenery, at sunset- it was really amazing.

I always love the First Look photos…

first look

The church…





A nice memorial for family…


The reception was held at the Knights of Columbus hall in Redondo Beach. Ericka DIY’d a modern, fun lounge feel that was all grey chevron and hot pink details.





So how did Ericka do it? Here are her “lessons learned” and tips on how to be a budget savvy wedding planner…

1.) Use what you have. Generally speaking, your wedding will represent you and your style. Therefore, I used a lot of things I already had in my home to decorate the reception with and for things I needed multiples of, I just got more of that. So I didn’t need to start from scratch. So I had a bunch of small votive candle holders and even though I needed quite a few more, I was able to find the same kind and instead of buying 25, had to only get half that. I used a white leather futon I had in the garage and, even though my dad forgot to bring the legs, it went perfectly with the rest of the other lounge furniture I rented. I had two particular picture frames I liked and then found similar ones I bought for photographs I displayed. Other things like unique vases, my cake stand, and the basket for the cards all came from my house. Even if things aren’t exactly the same or don’t match perfectly, its cool. Isn’t that look in anyway? :)

2.) Research, read, return. I had a serious budget so I had to really find ways to include the things I wanted for a good price. Researching items, reading wedding blogs, and ultimately returning any item I could (no, seriously), really allowed me to get most everything I wanted. Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, Etsy, Groupon and MyWedDeal were all good websites to find inexpensive items/vendors. A wedding blog was where I found out you could just rent lighting and then set it up yourself. Total mood creator but way way cheaper than a lighting PERSON. And ultimately since I waited till fairly close to the wedding on some things, I simply returned several items. Cuz what do you do with 30 cylinder vases. So after a good wash, back to the store they went.

3.) There will be drama…I really was hoping that despite all our potential family issues and land mines that as long as I stayed positive, I could have a smooth wedding weekend/day. Wrong. There was plenty of drama. HOWEVER, staying positive did make it easy to quickly recover from the drama and focus on the most important thing, marrying my man. The events surrounding us were filled with chaos and crap, but between him and I, it was absolutely magical. It was not the most wonderful day, but it was the most wonderful day with him.


Check out their awesome video from The Brides and the Bees (loved these guys too!):

Thank you Ericka and Paul!


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