Wedding Recap: Monica and Ken’s Backyard Karaoke Wedding

I think the title of this post says it all. I mean, it was in a backyard, and there was karaoke. How could that not be fun?

Monica and Ken love karaoke so they had it at their wedding. They also love pie so they had pie instead of cake at their wedding. Everything was handmade, and Tapatio hot sauce was a part of the centerpieces! These kind of personal touches are what makes a wedding special, and why there is no wrong or right way of doing things.

Monica and Ken actually eloped almost exactly a year ago in a fit of love and excitement while in Vegas (read their super romantic elopement story here!) but wanted to have a celebration their family could take part in as well.


So they began to plan a wedding! They were lucky enough to have a family friend with an AMAZING backyard in Lakewood…I love backyard weddings. They just feel like a party more than a wedding and I love that vibe.

8674909957_fb1fc9875d_o backyard wedding1 backyard wedding2

Monica was on tight budget (in fact she nicknamed the day “the little wedding that could”) but focused more on making things special and personal, and having a good time, which is exactly how you put on a good wedding. For example, check out their awesome table settings: table numbers all named after their favorite musicians, framed pictures of the weddings of guests and family members, pie on a cool vintage cake stand (centerpiece/dessert – hell yes!) and some cute hand potted succulents.


Champagne glasses from Ikea were used as escort cards (and also doubled as favors!)- little stickers were used to write the names of the guests. They used their glasses all night which saved on extra plastic or glassware.


On the day of, I saw an outpouring of love and support as friends and family setup, did the flowers, made decorations, hung the backdrop, and they even had an adorable cake for cutting that a friend made with a vintage cake topper:


I love this backdrop just made from empty frames…


It’s amazing what a little gold spray paint can do!


For the rings…


If this is not a happy couple I don’t know what is!


I absolutely LOVE Monica’s Lesson’s Learned…especially #2…I think it is important to remember you have to be very clear about your expectations to other people, but cannot expect people to change because it’s “your day”.

1.       Something WILL go wrong, just accept it.

I spent a lot of time agonizing over details and trying to anticipate any and every thing that could possibly go wrong. Nothing seriously tragic happened, but I was not ready for the unforeseen cold cloudy weather that arrived on my wedding day.  If I had the extra money I know that I could have rented some heat lamps but that wasn’t in the stars for me. It didn’t matter, my guests bundled up in coats. Some of them were dancing and drinking so much that they didn’t feel the cold. The chill gave me an excuse to wear a leopard print cardigan over my dress. Bonus! Some of the other small things that went wrong that day are now things that make the day funny and memorable.


The aforementioned adorable cardigan

The aforementioned adorable cardigan


2.       People will not be different just because it’s your wedding day.

I knew this going into my wedding day and I had to remind myself of it a few times. Your family and loved ones will not magically transform into perfect wedding guests on your big day.  My ride-or-die bridesmaid/friend dropped by to deliver wedding slippers the morning of my wedding because I forgot to pack them.  My family member who likes extend the invitation to parties did exactly that at my wedding and tried to bring along extra uninvited guests. I had to deal with that the day before.  My new grandmother in-law still asked for grandbabies every chance she got.  Some people who are absent during planning will possibly show-up big time on the actual day. I had a groomsman who went the distance on our wedding day, picking up pies, tracking down lost corsages, etc…he was amazing! The people in your life are not perfect, love them anyways.


3.       To thine own self be true. Sounds cliché, I know.

When I looked at wedding blogs and magazines there were a lot of things that just didn’t ring true for me.  I could not imagine myself in a vintage lace gown, that’s just not me.  The more I looked at flowers, dresses, veils, décor I became overwhelmed with all the possible choices. I became afraid to get it wrong.  I began to feel this irrational pressure to recreate something that was “blog-worthy”.  Then I realized that I’m not a super-model or a Kardashian. I need to just be me. So wear red lipstick if you want to, I did.  If you are hell-bent on wearing a wedding dress in blush pink, do it. Seriously! Your mother will get over it. Of all the days in your life when you should feel comfortable in your own skin it is your wedding day. Keep the most import thing (getting married) the most important thing and you can’t go wrong.

Thank you Monica and Ken!

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