Top 5 Reasons You Need a Day of Coordinator



  • BECAUSE WHEN THINGS GO WRONG…YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW. When the caterer goes to the billing address instead of the wedding address. When a car has to get towed out of the middle of the ceremony space. When it’s just too damn windy to hang those streamers. Someone with experience is there to troubleshoot and make the decisions so you can focus on more important things. Like family… or drinking.


  • BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS TO BE THE BAD GUY. We don’t mind taking the blame when it comes to sticky family situations and we actually enjoy bossing people around. Shit won’t just happen on its own.


  • BECAUSE YOU NEED AN ADVOCATE. There are a lot of people involved with weddings. You’d like to think all those people would make the couple their priority and do whatever it takes to make them happy. But really, most venues and vendors are advocates for themselves before you. We are there purely to ensure your vision gets carried out and that you are happy.


  • BECAUSE YOU WANT THINGS TO BE PRETTY. You didn’t spend all those hours on Pinterest and hot gluing your fingers together for nothing. We are really good at making it all work. Sometimes we get really specific direction—photos of tables pre-set for us to just recreate. We can do that. Sometimes we get no direction—boxes of décor to artfully place around and figure out what to do with. We like that too.


  • BECAUSE YOU WANT TO DANCE. And drink, and mingle, and eat. You probably want your mom, sister, and best friend to do all of those things too. There is a lot to do, orchestrate, organize, and clean from beginning to end, and dammit, you shouldn’t be worried about any of it.


Contact us now and see how Pop the Champagne can make your day easy and fun!


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