Aahh sugar sugar!


Wedding cakes can be good- and beautiful- don’t get me wrong I am not hating on cake. Ok, maybe I’m hating on cake a little. But today we are talking about dessert options for your wedding that will give your guests more than just a sugar rush- it will give them an experience and add to the event overall!

There are a ton of options in Southern California for made-to-order desserts. It allows guests to actually get something they like, sparks conversation and adds to the party vibe. Here are some of Pop the Champagne’s faves…


Hannah’s Bananas

If you are from Orange County, then you have been to Balboa and had a dipped banana. Just the idea inspires thoughts of summertime and sunshine. These bananas are frozen, dipped in chocolate and then rolled in some delicious topping combo to order…

View More: http://dianarush.pass.us/hb View More: http://dianarush.pass.us/hb


If you get crushed peanuts and coconut shreds on your banana it’s totes a health food :)

She will set up a table/counter space or bring this AMAZING BANANA TRAILER whaaaaa!


_Y37MIMyalqx9LJOVmiHVnnzCNqhe2tWxOscMg-WuZk,oAffmSkpKW5L93m7aPKP6MOQOgfTvDLDXN4THcKdGGg,U0ypSyivyoDS7ZxwcnZO1cQgusmKPzBjXPHffsvlNgk,kyQiC1VOos5YHez8np3Kw-txlntMmctPrN3AD2ZE3RY HannahsExterior1


Bon Puf

The Pop the Champagne girls got the opportunity to try out Bon Puf at The Cream event and were blown away! Organic cotton candy with fun, modern flavors- hand spun by adorable girls- what’s not to love?




Flavors include Mango Chile, Honey Rose and Chai Tea and it’s all made with good ingredients like cane sugar and natural flavorings. As if it couldn’t get more fun- they will even top off your cotton candy puf with things like pop rocks, flowers and EDIBLE GLITTER!


Chunk n Chip

If you really want to win me over- give me an ice cream sandwich. Oh, and make it with fresh baked cookies and local, small-batch ice cream.


Pop the Champagne tip- there are a few companies in SoCal that do this type of thing- Chunk N Chip has the best prices out of all of our research.




And with the service you get 4 cookie flavors and 6 ice cream flavors so your guests will have plenty to choose from! I will take the Butter my Velvet please…red velvet cookies with peanut butter cup ice cream!





So- What about that all important cake cutting photo? First off, it’s totally fine to skip it (trust me you are not going to frame the photo of you awkwardly holding the cake knife). But of course I understand wanting to keep the tradition. You can always get a small cutting cake- 1 or 2 tiers and usually between 6 and 10″ in diameter. They are usually pretty cheap ($150-$250 with delivery) and serve about 30 so you can take it home or serve it in addition. If you’re doing it for the photo alone why not get something fun inside like this Blue Velvet from Great Dane Bakery or Funfetti!




Any other fun dessert vendors you have seen?

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