Wedding Recap: Doug and Kevin


Doug and Kevin’s wedding was an explosion of love 30 years in the making. Yes- 30. I am not even going to start on a rant about how unfair it is this gorgeous couple had to wait to so long to be legally married- but- you know.

When Doug and Kevin first contacted Pop the Champagne they explained how this whole wedding planning thing was exceptionally odd for them. When most of their friends were getting married years ago, they just didn’t really pay attention because they really believed they weren’t ever going to be able to do it themselves. But they knew they wanted a party- and a party they had! Filled with fun food, dancing and one of the most meaningful ceremonies I have ever seen- we worked together to create a timeline for the day that felt organic and lively.


IMG_2429 IMG_2513

Thank you so much to Linda Abbott Photography for these beautiful images!

The wedding was at one of my favorite venues- Center for the Arts Eagle Rock– an old library with rad architecture and windows to die for (a unique and affordable spot in LA for those still looking!) The shelves on the walls were literally full of photos of Doug and Kevin and their friends and family- They found black paper frames online that were inexpensive but tied it all together and looked pretty on the shelves. They DIY’ed these awesome vases with moss, branches and hanging votives…





One of my favorite parts of their unique timeline was the cocktail hour pre-ceremony! They wanted the party to start right away so appetizers and drinks were served as guests arrived. The awesome grub was served by a PTC favorite- Max City BBQ and tunes provided by the always great Dart DJs.




Doug and Kevin are both Broadway actors so their ceremony was full of music performed by their talented colleagues…

IMG_2185 IMG_2257 IMG_2341


Oh and did I mention their ring bearer? A whippet named Seamus stole the show…





And of course…Doug and Kevin’s Lesson’s Learned (and some great money saving tips!)…

– Follow your gut: We interviewed one caterer, one DJ, one photographer, one wedding day- of-coordinator. Do your research of course, but in the end, trust your instincts. They were all amazing.

– I know Pinterest makes you feel you have super powers but limited the D.I.Y.. If you can’t limit it, don’t do it all at the last week. We made a detailed checklist and completed the tasks over a period of a month dedicating a room in our house for the wedding projects and clutter. The days leading up to our wedding were free to spend with family.  We were even able to escape for an overnight away for a “spa day”.

– Check the cost of buying vs. renting certain items.  We paid less at Ikea to buy our own wine glasses and cloth napkins than it would have cost us to rent.  The majority of the glasses were happily claimed at the end of the wedding by guests.  The remainder will be donated to Out of the Closet where they can be resold to do some good (and we get a tax deduction).

– We bought too much booze and not enough water.  Consider your crowd, the weather and the time of day of your event.  Our guest were mostly older and we bought according to a guide that must have been geared to a much younger party group.  In the end, we were able to return the unopened cases of wine, but this is not always the case.

– People love photo booths.  We made this our wedding favor with an extra copy of photos for them and guest book for us.  Win-win.

– Finally – the most important lesson:  No, you can’t do it all and the friends who says they will help will want to enjoy your wedding and you will be worried about them AND all the details.   Hire a day-of-coordinator.  The moment we did this a huge weight came off our shoulders and we were able to not only enjoy the day, but the process of getting to the day.  Even on a budget, you a spending a great deal of money of this event, why add stress?  It would be like producing a show without a stage manager.


Thank you Doug and Kevin!


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