Wedding Recap: Jessica and Shannon


So excited to share this romantic, backyard wedding in beautiful Ojai. Although it’s really not fair to call this a “backyard wedding” – my yard certainly doesn’t have a view like this…

backyard view ojai


Thank you so much to Linda Arredondo for the beautiful photos!

Jessica and Shannon have that kind of effortless style – and that translated to every part of their wedding. Can we just ooh and ahh over her gown for second?


Linda_Arredondo_142316_web Linda_Arredondo_143544_web Linda_Arredondo_144059_web Linda_Arredondo_144411_web Linda_Arredondo_150553_web



Jessica and Shannon are lucky enough to have family that own this gorgeous home and opened it up to them for their wedding. I’m not going to lie- having a wedding with that casual backyard vibe, but also keeping it classy and upscale is a difficult mix! The key in this case, was to work with what the home, and Ojai, has to offer. The house is nestled among lemon groves and massive lavender bushes, which instantly became the theme and color scheme for the wedding.




We actually gathered all the parts of the centerpieces the day before the wedding from around the property and assembled them in containers the bride had curated. The wine corks were gathered at the couple’s favorite wine bar- they asked them to save their corks for a few months which gave us plenty to work with. Simple, and saved a ton of money on flowers- and worked so perfectly!


Linda_Arredondo_132047_web Linda_Arredondo_163958_web Linda_Arredondo_164201_web


Linda_Arredondo_202042_web Linda_Arredondo_161616_web Linda_Arredondo_173402_web Linda_Arredondo_175931_web Linda_Arredondo_201044_web


Queen of Tarts was a fantastic caterer- their food was out of control good and again, utilized the local Ojai flavor to make the whole event feel cohesive. One of my favorite touches…tray passed root beer floats!


Linda_Arredondo_183332_web Linda_Arredondo_201428_webLinda_Arredondo_200458_web

Here are Jessica’s “Lesson’s Learned”. Remember- something will go wrong! And it will be Ok. And you will still be married. And that is all that really matters.

1. Try not to get caught up in the “wedding industry” craziness. Your wedding is about you and your future spouse, not a competition or over-the-top perfection. It’s not about “shoulds” or “supposed tos” — it’s about what you want your day to be/feel/look like together. You don’t need those chair adornments; you just need each other!

2. Take a moment after the ceremony for just you & your spouse. Kiss each other and tell each other how much you love each other. Look out over your guests, marvel at all those people who came with love to support you in this big step. Admire the beautiful setting you’re in, the hard work you put into this event. Giggle together with giddy delight!

3. Remember to enjoy the small moments leading up to the day – and especially try to stay in the moment on the day itself! It all moves really fast in those last few days, and the event itself only lasts a short while. But take the time to be present, to really look at and talk with your loved ones, to dance your heart out, to eat & drink your fill. Don’t worry about what’s to come, or what didn’t go right. My husband forgot the card his vows were written on and what could have been mortifying to him instead turned into one of my favorite moments of our wedding because he spoke directly from his heart. Love every moment!


Linda_Arredondo_171704_web Linda_Arredondo_193013_web Linda_Arredondo_214339_web Linda_Arredondo_214359_web


Thank you Jessica and Shannon!

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