PTC’s 2014 Favorites

Dang 2014- you were fun! Pop the Champagne did a shit ton of weddings (A shit ton is a totally accurate math word, duh) so we are taking a few minutes to look back through our instagram to reflect on some of our favorite moments from weddings this year- from unique and offbeat to traditionally sweet- and some of the best trends that we hope will never go away.

Unique Guest Book Ideas- skip the book which will just collect dust and find something fun you can hang on a wall or display

unique guest books

guest book

Unity Smoothie- Candle? Sand? Nah, this couple showed off their love of smoothies by blending up some love in their vitamix during their ceremony!

unity smoothie

 Getaway Car- I mean, if you are going to do a grand exit, do it getting into the original ninja turtle van.

turtle van

Ring Bear-er…enough said

ring bear er

Pink dresses, sequin dresses, printed dresses OH MY!

pink dresses glitter dress flower dress

First Rib– Sweets just ain’t their thing so this couple shared a “first rib” instead of a cake cutting

first rib
Long, Family Style Tables – this trend will always be romantic and beautiful

family style tables

Non Floral Centerpieces – unique, often more affordable, and reusable

non floral centerpieces

Personalized Bibs for BBQ Dinner– marriage is messy and so is bbq sauce! Oh, and the couples faces on the pig bodies? Let’s just say it was a hit!

personalized bibs marriage is messy

Late Night Snacks– doesn’t have to be fancy, from popcorn to quesadillas to donuts – another trend we love that we hope will last!

late night snacks


brides in pants!

Choreographed First Dances – always sweet and often quite impressive

coreographed first dance

Surprise Performance from the bride – sang a song to her new husband with a PINK TAMBOURINE! No, it does not get any cuter.

bride singing

Gay Weddings– We are so happy to have had several gay weddings this year- lets have lots and lots lots and lots more!!!!


Ceremonies in the round – complete circles or semi circles look really pretty and offer all your guests a great view.

ceremonies in the round (2) intheround

Coordinators in bunny ears– An Alice in Wonderland themed wedding called for our team wearing rabbit ears- aren’t they the cutest coordinators around?

rae gross wedding

God there are so many more! Awesome music, memorable speeches, jumping in pools, taking shots, gorgeous flowers….We are so lucky to have the coolest clients in Southern California. Thanks to the almost 70 couples who helped make 2014 amazing, and CHEERS to the new year!

What do you think?

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