Wedding Recap: Betsy and Joe


This wedding has it all….ocean view, cultural traditions, DIY details…and an adorable couple to boot! Betsy and Joe’s wedding was at the amazing Long Beach Museum of Art– such a unique and beautiful venue. Thanks so much to one of our favorite photographers- BKM Photography– for sharing these gorgeous images!



I love “first looks”…it was a really special moment for me personally at my own wedding, and as a coordinator, it always makes the day logistically run smoother. From Betsy: “I think my favorite moment of the day was our first look.  We decided not to stay separately the night before and we had seen each other on and off most of the morning (but not in our dress and suit) so I wasn’t expecting it to be overly emotional.  If anybody was going to get emotional, I expected it to be him. But I completely broke down when I saw him, in the best of ways.  All my nerves were calmed and he just looked so darn cute!”


BKM-20141004-0091_-stomp BKM-20141004-0093_-stomp BKM-20141004-0092_-stomp BKM-20141004-0094_-stomp


The wedding was so full of adorable DIY details and the gorgeous florals from Signature K tied it all together. I love the mix of the ocean and palm trees, succulents with the lush, summery blooms.


BKM-20141004-0399_-stomp BKM-20141004-0396_-stomp BKM-20141004-0099_-stomp



Their decor is a great example of cohesiveness – doesn’t have to be fancy but the same colors and patterns are all over the event, from the invites to the dessert table.

BKM-20141004-0001_-stomp BKM-20141004-0232_-stomp BKM-20141004-0237_-stomp BKM-20141004-0275_-stomp BKM-20141004-0279_-stomp BKM-20141004-0398_-stomp


I love learning about different cultural traditions, and in the hundreds of weddings we have done as a team here at PTC, there is still always something new and fun- Betsy explains this Korean ceremony…”The ceremony was a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, called a Paebaek.  The ceremony is normally much longer to include more family members, but we modified it to fit within our schedule.  The ceremony’s intent is for the bride and groom to pay respects to each other’s families, and their elders specifically, and for the families to offer their blessings to the bride and groom.  The bride and groom bow to their family members and offer them rice wine (soju) and the family members toss dates and chestnuts into the bride’s dress.  The number she catches signifies how many girls (dates) and boys (chestnuts) the couple will have.  We will apparently be having 20 some odd kids! We wore traditional Korean outfits, called Hanbok, for the ceremony.”


BKM-20141004-0510_-stomp BKM-20141004-0502_-stomp BKM-20141004-0494_-stomp


So much pretty!


BKM-20141004-0318_-stomp BKM-20141004-0325_-stomp


And of course, some awesome tips from this uber-organized bride:

1. Stay Organized.  Being an organized planner will make the process a whole lot easier.  We kept an overall list of to-dos and also broke our planning tasks into two week blocks, which made them much more manageable and kept us accountable to getting them done.  We also used Google docs for all of our lists, budgets, schedules, etc.  which was great because we could both edit them and share them with anyone else who needed to edit them as well.  Staying organized also allowed us to have all of our major tasks complete about a month before the wedding.  This ended up being a huge blessing when we had to deal with a car accident, a bad reaction to a medication, and our honeymoon being displaced by Hurricane Odile, all in the month before our wedding.  And of course hire a Day-of Coordinator!  They will keep your wedding day organized and stress free so you can relax and enjoy!

2. If you want to DIY, don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Everyone wants their wedding to be unique, and DIY can save money, but you can overwhelm yourself very quickly.  Pick a few projects to put your unique touch on, but know that it’s okay to just shortcut some things and buy them.  Even if it costs a little bit more, it will be worth it to save yourself the stress.

3. If you’re going to try new things for your wedding, test them well in advance.  We were lucky that my reaction went away in time for the wedding, but I’ve heard horror stories of people being red and swollen at their own wedding from taking a new anti-sweating medication for the first time that day, a groom taking his groomsmen for a shave and all of them showing up to the wedding covered in nicks, and hair and makeup gone terribly wrong because trials were skipped!


Thank you Betsy and Joe!




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