Vendor Expertise: What your Hair and Make Up Artist Wants you to Know


When it comes to prioritizing your budget, and deciding where to spend and where to save, do not, I repeat, DO NOT- scrimp on hair and makeup for the bride.

Not only will you look back in photos for years to come, but it affects your confidence the whole wedding day. Not to mention an unprofessional stylist or team of stylists can really screw up your schedule! The day starts off with hair and makeup and if your stylist is an hour late- you’re looking at a very stressful morning.


A few other hair and makeup tips from a coordinator’s perspective:

– It takes an average of 30 minutes per girl per service (30 minutes for hair, and 30 minutes for makeup) and usually an hour per service for the bride. That can really add up if you have several bridesmaids and moms getting made up! Make sure you have enough stylists and cushion enough time into your day-of schedule.

– EAT! No one likes a hangry wedding party. Make sure you assign someone to bring a tray of sandwiches or get a bunch of salads on their way. Crackers and champagne do not count as lunch on your wedding day (although I think that’s a totally acceptable lunch any other day).

– Get a schedule from your hair and makeup team showing exactly which girls are going when and be sure to distribute to your wedding party ahead of time. There is always one bitchy bridesmaid who doesn’t want to go first but – too bad bitch! No questions and no surprises on the wedding day.

But that’s all just my opinion…you need to hear it straight from the horses mouth? Fine, here’s some of Team PTC’s favorite horses…I mean hair and makeup artists…with all the info you should know. Thanks to Victoria, Meghan and Emily of Vanity Belle for your help and insight! If you are still planning, definitely check out this foxy group of talented ladies!

hair and makeup tips for brides

Me! At my wedding!


What do you think about a bride who has “a friend” who is a makeup artist or hair stylist that is going to help them for their wedding?
“I personally have been hired to do bridal makeup for plenty of friends . Keep in mind, “hiring” is the key word here.  As a bride, you want to know that you have a firm commitment from your beauty team.  You don’t want to worry about that friend receiving another higher paying request and then bailing on your big day to make extra money.  Unfortunately, I hear stories like this all the time.  In my opinion, a contract should be in place, a “day of” schedule should be made and a bridal trial MUST take place. This is your best bet of preventing any surprises and feeling stress free on your big day.”  – Victoria
Is a difference between a stylist who specializes in weddings vs. someone who works in a regular salon?
“Hire a legitimate “bridal” hair/makeup company.   Freelance artists are typically cheaper, but what happens if they get sick on your wedding day?  Hire a company that focuses on weddings and that you can depend on.  Ask them how many weddings they do in a year. Ask them if they have insurance coverage.  Ask them how they handle situations where the stylist is sick on your wedding day. Ask for references!” – Victoria
matching robes bridal party

Photo by EP Love

What is the top question that brides should ask when they are looking for a hair and makeup company to take care of them and their bridal party?
“References. References. References! It’s so important to speak to other brides, wedding coordinators, venues, etc. to hear about their experience with who you are hiring. Read reviews online to see what people are saying about them. Did they show up on time? Were they easy to work with? Were they professional? Did the makeup and hair stay in place all through the night?” – Victoria
How important are trials?
“Extremely important for the artist and the bride! For artists, it gives us a really good idea of how the look will come together day of and we can already have notes in our head pre-wedding day to ensure all things go smoothly day of wedding and there is no miscommunication with the brides. For brides, it is so important to see what you like and don’t like. Brides often envision how they want their hair or make-up to look on their wedding day and then we try that look on them and they realize they actually wanted something different, or professional advice from the artist helps them narrow down the look for the day of.” – Meghan

The adorable private bridal suite at Vanity Belle’s Boutique for trials and day-of services

What is the biggest mistake you see brides/bridal parties make?
“Making the bridal party do the same look for their hair and make-up- it may not enhance the true beauty of each client. Everyone has different hair types, textures and skin complexions and colors. I think brides should worry less about how their bridal party pictures will come out and let their bridal party embrace their individuality and pick any style they want for their hair and make-up! You want your bridal party to be fully content with their hair and make-up.” – Meghan
“Stay away from super trendy styles. I would suggest something timeless, so when you look back twenty years from now, you are still pleased with your look.” – Emily
“Don’t skimp on services. Sometimes bridal parties will only get hair services, or only makeup, or sometimes a few bridesmaids will opt out completely. It’s very apparent in photos who had their makeup and hair professionally done and who didn’t.” – Victoria
What is your number one tip for brides and bridal parties to remember for the actual wedding day? “Don’t sweat the small stuff, it won’t matter.  You hired the best professionals, you are marrying the love of your life, and you are surrounded by people who love you.  If a groomsmen forgot his shoes, there probably isn’t anything you can do about it, and in the end it won’t matter.  Something typically goes wrong, but that’s how memories are made, right? ” – Victoria

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