Wedding Recap: Whitney and Luke


This wedding was one of those that at the end of the night every guest and vendor had the same thing to say, “What a FUN wedding!”  Every person in attendance was delighted to be there to celebrate the joining of these two beautiful people.  The bride and groom were so gracious and full of joy that this wedding had success written all over it from the very beginning.

Whitney started the day by getting ready with her close friends and bridesmaids in her hotel room at the Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach.  Once everyone was done up and ready to move, they made their way to Rancho Los Alamitos for first look and bridal party portraits.

Whitney and Luke-24

Whitney and Luke-44

Thanks to HOM Photography, the bride and groom had the chance to capture amazing photos at a few different locations throughout the day.  We all worked together to create a timeline that worked for everyone which is important when you have to factor in driving time, your photographers hour limit, and cushion time should anyone be running late.  A lesson to be learned – timelines are important – you don’t want your photographer to be finished before you’ve had a chance to cut the cake!

Whitney and Luke-72

Whitney and Luke-97

Whitney and Luke-115


Aren’t these pre-ceremony pictures gorgeous?? The general excitement of everyone involved is contagious! And that lighting, forget about it! After those pretty park portraits (say that quickly three times), Whitney and Luke headed to St. Bartholomew Catholic Church to get married!!

Whitney and Luke-406

Whitney and Luke-463

While the guests made their way to the reception, Whitney and Luke snuck away to take some sunset pictures on a rooftop in Downtown Long Beach.  HOM photography captured the sunset and their newlywed bliss perfectly!

Whitney and Luke-482

Whitney and Luke-487

Guests arrived at the Loft on Pine for an elegant and fun-filled reception.  They were greeted by the bride, groom, and parents of the bride in a receiving line.  Receiving lines are one tradition that is not seen very often these days but it ended up being one of my favorite parts of the day.  I loved watching the guests anticipation as they waited to see the bride and groom and it was a great way for Whitney and Luke to spend a little time with each of their 200 guests.

Whitney and Luke-599

Whitney and Luke-598

Whitney and Luke-614

As cocktail hour came to a close, guests moved upstairs to get the party started.  The night was filled with heartfelt speeches, a surprise musical toast, fresh mini-donuts, and lots of dancing!

Whitney and Luke-693

Whitney and Luke-726

Whitney and Luke-770

Whitney and Luke-777

Our very own lead party animal, Allie Shane, was lucky enough to be a guest at this wedding and in true PTC style, she showed everyone how it’s done.

Whitney and Luke-808


Here are some thoughts from the bride and a few lessons learned:

I’m not the bride who fell from cloud nine the day after our wedding and wished that we could do it all again. In fact, if you told me that I could do it all over again, I’d say hell no. The way I see it, that day can never be relived or duplicated. We can’t ever say the same words, dance to the same songs, or hug those who walked along side us and have it mean what it did on that one incredible day. That’s what’s so amazing about a wedding. You capture all that love and joy in an 8(+) hour tornado of a day and (if you did it right) you spend the rest of your life looking back at it with warm memories and gratefulness. I can absolutely say that it was worth every minute of stress and every dollar we spent. We met so many amazing and talented vendors and learned so much. We are so grateful for all the help that the PTC team provided us. It wouldn’t have been half the event it was without your help. Thank you girls.

1) Be patient. Don’t hire the first DJ, photographer, caterer, etc that you meet. You have time. You have options. Chill out and make sure you can afford it and that it’s really what you want.
2) Cry early. If you’re a fountain of emotion, like I am, go find your mom and hug it out first thing on the morning of your wedding. One of my favorite moments on our wedding day was knocking on my parents’ hotel room door, holding my mom while we happily wept together and crawling into bed with my dad. He was confused and uncomfortable, but he went with it. It’s a big day. Start it with some love.
3) Don’t let anything that went wrong tarnish your memory of the day. Things get forgotten. People don’t show up. Not everyone will have the best night of their lives, but don’t let that stop you from focusing on those gorgeous moments and holding onto THOSE as your reflect on your day.
And I couldn’t leave out these sweet sentiments from the groom:
Looking back, I feel like everything fell in to place exactly as it should have. While it took me a couple hours longer than expected to get the sweet Lincoln Continental in possession, adding unwanted stress to the “getting ready” aspect of the day, all other details seemed to come together like clockwork. Our suits were on point. Our photography session went seamlessly. We had parking for our getaway vehicle directly outside the church! Our ceremony was beautiful, but nothing compared to the bride who shone like pure light. Our cocktail hour was fantastic, with perfect transition to the full reception. In short, we had the perfect day.
Getting ready location: Renaissance Hotel Portrait location: Rancho Los Alamitos Ceremony Venue: St. Bartholomew Reception Venue: The Loft on Pine Photography: HOM Photography Catering: Jay’s Catering DJ: DJ Tempoe Donuts: The Fry Girl


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