Wedding Recap: Jeanne and Andy


Everything about Jeanne and Andy’s wedding makes me smile- the venue, the food, the color combo, the details, and especially their joyful faces- they were genuinely SO happy all day long!


Thanks so much to the talented (and super fun) Mandilynn Photography for these beautiful images that capture the day so well!

smogshoppewedding160 6WEDDING010

I loooove all the fun, whimsical details that Jeanne designed- fits so perfectly with the funky LA-ness of their venue SmogShoppe.


The hot pink and red color combo is so unexpected and fun, along with the bold black and white stripes- I kind of want my whole house to look like this…


Not to mention that Jeanne’s florist canceled at the last minute, and she was like- WHATEVS- I’M GONNA DO IT MYSELF! She and her family did such an amazing job. Also, can we talk about the often forgotten carnation and how rad they look?



Oh and this might be one of my favorite escort card displays to date- hot wheels with “lot numbers” all in an ombre pink display. #win


Their ceremony was so sweet and personal and they were so stoked at the end they DANCED their way back down the damn aisle!


I hardly ever talk about food in these blog posts but First Street Cuisine did such an amazing job with a unique menu- from meat carving station to pizzas to a make your own ramen bar- FEED PEOPLE WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND THEY WILL BE HAPPY!


And of course, my favorite part of every wedding recap- 3 lessons learned from the bride herself…


1. Take everything you see on Pinterest, wedding blogs, and magazines with a grain of salt. I think there is a lot of pressure on couples to create a wedding that is magazine-worthy, which can cause unnecessary stress and wasted resources. In the first stages of wedding planning, I spent hours obsessing over photos on Pinterest and blogs. However, when I started actually DIY-ing, I found that I barely referenced those photos. And we can honestly say that we would not change a single thing about our wedding! Mind you, I am not saying that Pinterest and wedding blogs are useless. They are wonderful sources for brainstorming and visualization. Nonetheless, don’t discount your own creativity and uniqueness (or that of your soon-to-be-spouse). Your wedding does not have to (and most likely, will not) look like that wedding inspiration shoot you’ve been oohing over. And that’s a good thing!
2. Accept help from family and friends when they offer. When we started planning our wedding, we envisioned it to be a big ole’ “thank you” party for our loved ones (where we just happen to get hitched). We wanted them to just enjoy the day and not have to lift a finger. Then one day, my mother-in-law told me, “Let us take some tasks off your plate. We want to help because we love you, and we like feeling involved. And we know that you would do the same for us in a heartbeat.” I started delegating and realized she was right; involving others in the DIY made our wedding more meaningful. Our decor was largely a collaborative effort, and seeing everything–from the table runners, to the programs, to the celebrity photobooth cutouts, to the thousand origami crane display–come together on the wedding day was a moment I will never forget. The help we received saved us time and stress and brought us all closer as well.
3. Be flexible when things don’t go as planned. Your wedding day will be great and fun no matter what happens! After we got engaged, Andy and I promised each other that our wedding would be stress-free. The week of the wedding, the person who was supposed to do our flowers cancelled, but I remembered our promise, took a deep breath, and started researching alternatives. I ended up booking a new florist 3 days before the wedding. Given the last minute timing, I had to be flexible with my flower choices. Additionally, the florist was unable to make my 100 centerpieces within my budget, so I had to cancel everything I had planned for the day before the wedding so we could pick up the flowers and arrange them ourselves. I never would have imagined that the night before the wedding, my mother-in-law, matron-of-honor, and I would be arranging flowers in the garage (with no prior experience whatsoever). Yet, we made it fun, and that night ended up being my fondest memory of the wedding planning process.

Thank you so much Jeanne and Andy!

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