Wedding Recap: Marissa and John

I love all of our clients- really I do- but sometimes I fall deeply in love, and that’s what happened with Marissa and John. Their style, their love of food and drink (especially pasta and champagne!), their sense of humor…as soon as I met them I couldn’t wait for their wedding day.

I mean, just look at them! Aren’t they dreamy?!


Thank you to one of PTC’s favorite photographers for all of these beautiful images- Melissa of Marble Rye Photography. Melissa is so sweet and fun and did such a good job capturing this champagne soaked day!

This first look (and especially that veil) gives me serious heart eyes…

mj-032016-portraits-003 mj-032016-portraits-005

Wedding party on fleek. Love his blue tux against the other guy’s black, and the mismatched blush bridesmaid dresses. Classy AF right?

mj-032016-weddingparty-019 mj-additionals-5

OK, one more veil porn shot for good measure…


The other star of this show is the venue itself- The Fig House with it’s jewel tones, stained glass and art gallery just makes you want to party as soon as you walk through it’s gates. Marissa and John wanted the party to start right away too, so guests were greeted with champagne as they entered the ceremony space!



The ceremony was simple and sweet and Marissa even found the cutest darn cellist ever- Michelle Packman – who learned a special song for the couple’s recessional…

20160714_073342 mj-032016-ceremony-008

mj-032016-ceremony-047 mj-032016-ceremony-054 mj-032016-ceremony-119

Every detail of the day was thoughtful and personal. Instead of a traditional escort card, they wrote thank you notes for every single guest to indicate their table (love that idea!) and instead of a guest book they used a cook book.

mj-032016-details-034 mj-032016-details-036 mj-032016-details-098

If anything could have overshadowed the gorgeous couple and beautiful venue- it was the FOOOOOD! The Fig House caterer, Room Forty, blows it out of the water with their service and presentation, and Marissa and John wanted their love of food to be reflected to all of their guests.

mj-032016-party-005 mj-032016-party-007 mj-032016-party-072

Right?! Guests enjoyed their meal at long tables with family style courses which really gave the whole wedding a thanksgiving dinner vibe- comfortable and warm.

mj-032016-party-090 mj-032016-party-075 mj-032016-party-067 mj-032016-details-065

The party kept that warm, loving feeling all night and the #dreamteam of vendors was complete with PTC fave DJ Dom of Red Shoe LA. Oh, and desserts on desserts on desserts!

mj-032016-party-135 mj-032016-party-184 mj-032016-party-163 mj-032016-party-190

Ok, haven’t had enough cuteness yet? Let me kick it up a notch for you. It wasn’t enough for this foodie couple to just eat the fab cuisine- they snuck into the kitchen during the party and helped the chef prepare the late night snack- mini Philly cheesesteaks!

mj-032016-party-210 mj-032016-party-219 mj-032016-party-222

I know, I die too.

Ok now pay attention planning peeps! This bride has some killer advice for you!

Marissa’s lessons learned…

“Trust the Professionals

You’ve likely spent (or are in the midst of spending) hours, if not days, scouring instagram, magazines and the internet for the perfect venue, florist, DJ, etc. for your wedding day. Once you make a hire, trust in their ability to do a great job and carry out your vision! Sure, we showed our florist inspiration photos and let the DJ know what types of music we liked and didn’t like – but by forcing ourselves to not micro-manage the professionals we meticulously found, we were more relaxed throughout the planning process and ended up with results that way exceeded any expectations we had for our wedding. (Use that extra time to pour yourself a glass of champagne – you deserve it!)


Let Your Priorities Lead the Way

Planning a wedding, especially in a city as large as Los Angeles, is a daunting task. Search “wedding photographer los angeles” in google, for example, and an impressive (yet horrifying) 3,250,000 results will eagerly stare back at you. Before you call your Maid of Honor and have a nervous breakdown, take a step back and figure out your vendor priorities. For us, we wanted a photographer who had shot at our venue before. This way, we knew they would be comfortable (i.e. make us feel more at ease) and we wouldn’t end up as the test client in our space. So, we started our search by pulling up photos tagged at our venue on Instagram. For our wedding planner, we of course wanted someone that would pay attention to décor and details – but our main priority was a planner that would keep us in line and make sure we were on schedule so the day flowed nicely for our guests — and us. (Thanks, Allie!) In simple terms, if you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, don’t bother researching that hotel ballroom in downtown… yes, it’s beautiful, but keep your eye on the prize!

Remember the Little Things

It’s easy to categorize ‘everything’ as being the most important part of your wedding, especially in the beginning stages of planning. However, don’t let pricey, big ticket items take all your attention (see #1) and make time to infuse small details into the day that showcase you as a couple. My now-husband and I love to cook, so instead of having a ‘please sign here’ guest book that would soon end up dusty on a shelf, we used a cookbook! Now, anytime we pop open the book to use a recipe we’re reminded of the day. For our escort cards, we borrowed an idea from a friend’s wedding and wrote thank you notes to each person with their name and table number on the envelope. This allowed us to personally welcome every single guest to the wedding and ended up being one of the things people appreciated most. Our cello and violin duo played a beautiful rendition of Tupac’s “To Live & Die in LA” as our ceremony processional song – because it’s amazing and WHY NOT? These things were at the bottom of the barrel in terms of cost, but made a huge impact on the day.

Roll With the Punches

I know this sounds cliché and you’ve probably read it a hundred times, but only because it’s 100% true! I had a vision of being married under this beautiful willow tree at our venue. I daydreamed about it constantly. During our final venue walk through with Allie a couple weeks before the wedding, we wandered outside to find a Charlie Brown-esque tree — that literally had 3 leaves on it — where my perfect, gorgeous tree had once stood. Turns out, my tree had died and the new baby tree hadn’t yet acclimated to its new home. OHEMGEE IS RIGHT. But after my short-lived 36 hrs or so of panic (which included outlandish plans like chopping down the new tree myself during the night) we decided to simply shift the ceremony 45 degrees and had a lush greenery wall as our backdrop instead. Thankfully, no one noticed or stomped out of the wedding because we weren’t married under that tree. I will admit I did glare at it once during cocktail hour, but not while anyone was looking.

mj-032016-ceremony-018 (1)

#TreeGate2016 -it’s hiding over there on the left haha!


At the End of the Day… it’s YOUR Day!

It’s easy to be caught in the whirlwind of ideas and opinions from friends, family and the internet leading up to your wedding. This isn’t a bad thing, after all this is one of those pieces of advice! However, at the end of the day you and your betrothed should take the information you’ve gathered and make decisions that are best for the two of you. Plan the day you want because the day is YOURS! While we love them dearly, don’t choose flowers based on what you think your grandma will like or feel like you have to stock the bar with tequila because it’s your college roommate’s favorite drink. The happier you are as a couple, the happier your guests will be during the wedding.

In a nutshell: At the end of that magical and beautiful day, you’ll be married to the love of your life, which means no matter what happens it will be perfect. Also, keep a bottle of champagne handy throughout the planning. It helps.”

Thank you Marissa and John!



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