Wedding Recap: Clarke and Dolly

At PTC- We love wedding rule breakers. Couples that are like- Hey, eff your traditions. Clarke and Dolly wanted a big plate of party with a little wedding on the side, which is exactly what they got! Thanks to the talented and sweet Eve Rox Photography for these beautiful photos!


The day was filled with personal details, hand crafted by their family and friends. A best friend did all the design and paper goods, they home brewed beer, a team of aunts and moms made the gorgeous wedding cake and did all the centerpieces. Oh, and another friend MADE dozens of ceramic pots, customized as their succulent favors! It all fit beautifully at one of our favorite DTLA venues, Millwick. It’s so beautiful when you see a couple’s community come together to create a beautiful day.




Clarke and Dolly arrived to the venue together, got ready together, and walked down the aisle together. Simple and sweet. They bucked tradition again by choosing to have cocktail hour before the ceremony to get the party started as soon as guests arrived!






They walked down the aisle to a string version of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” (Clarke’s karaoke go-to) and had a short meaningful ceremony that erupted instantly into more party.








The party didn’t end til late in the night with one of the most epic dance parties I have ever seen! Check that rad screen backdrop with the dance montage!



And of course, lessons learned straight from Clarke and Dolly…

1. Get your priorities straight. We decided to spend less on food and more on top notch cocktails (you see where our priorities are). We saved money by having a self-serve taco cart that turned out to be a real crowd-pleaser (who doesn’t like tacos?!). With the money saved, we were able to up the ante on our cocktails.
2. Our time socializing and trying to greet everyone went so quickly! Schedule yourself ample time to see everyone and don’t get stuck talking to one person for too long.
3. A coordinator is worth their weight in gold. I know this is on her blog, but I promise I’m getting zero kickbacks! My husband and I are very DIY, organized and laid-back so we were convinced we could handle everything on the day. After talking to several newlywed friends, we were convinced we should hire a day of coordinator. Allie kept everything running smoothly, making sure everyone had what they needed and music and cues were all in order. I didn’t have to answer a single question or deal with any vendors the whole night. I only noticed Allie a couple times as she was gathering family members for photos and when she made sure we ate dinner (I swear we wouldn’t have eaten otherwise), which I take to be a sign of a great and capable coordinator.

Thank you Clarke and Dolly!


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