Wedding Recap: Emily and Winston

This wedding has all the fun – cool downtown venue, hot pink color scheme, a bacon bar and florals that will make your face melt they are so pretty!

A huge thank you the fabulous and fun photographer Emma Hopp for these beautiful images!

Emily and Winston got married at The 1912, a rad new venue in the heart of downtown Santa Ana owned by 24 Carrots Catering. The space is modern, industrial, vintage and hipster all mixed into one and I totally fell in love with it. They used a hot pink and emerald color combo that was so fun and funky fresh- I fell in love!

The venue was really brought to life by the SPECTACULAR florals from The Bloom of Time. Confession: I am really not that into flowers. I mean, I can appreciate a pretty bouquet or centerpiece, but rarely do florals blow me away. Enter, Adrienne of The Bloom of Time. Her flowers are more like art installations- this hanging altar backdrop really spoke for itself.

Emily and Winston were the sweetest couple and everything they did had such style and personality.

Oh, did I mention this wedding was on a Wednesday morning?! So fun right? So what do you eat on a Wednesday morning? Brunch of course! 24 Carrots provided a beautiful meal complete with a bacon bar (yup!), omelettes made to order and special mimosas.

This beautiful naked cake and adorable armadillo groom’s cake were from Simply Sweet Cakery – yes of course the armadillo cake is red velvet and if you don’t get that reference stop what you are doing right this very second and go watch Steel Magnolias, k thanks.

And of course, my favorite part of every blog post, advice straight from the horses mouth. Here are Emily’s lesson’s learned….

1. Pinterest will be your friend and foe. At first, I started following all kinds of wedding blogs, Pinterest boards, and Instagram hashtags I could find. It was great! But there is a point where you can get lost in what you and your future spouse wants and what Pinterest says you should want or what’s trendy. We chose a color palette that I could not find on Pinterest and I cannot tell you how scary that was to me! Don’t be afraid to seek inspiration from Pinterest or other sources, but also don’t be afraid to do something completely different.
2. Get your priorities straight. As soon as I got engaged, everyone had ideas on what would be the most important aspects of the wedding. Like “oh you need a DJ! You can’t do without one!” Or, “you totally need 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen!” Wait, hold up. No, you don’t need any of that. Think about what’s important to you. Your wedding priorities will and should be different than any other bride out there.
3. Make time to enjoy being engaged. This one is harder for some than others. But honestly, it’s important to focus on relaxing! Go to dinner with your fiancé (and don’t talk about wedding planning), Netflix and literally just chill (and maybe don’t watch Say Yes to the Dress). Whatever you like to do with your future spouse, go do it and just enjoy your life!

Thank you Emily and Winston!

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