Holiday Cocktail Inspo

Here in SoCal it probably won’t dip below 60 degrees this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get Christmas-y AF and enjoy some winter time dranks! Here are a few of our favorite recipes for you to try on a chilly-ish night at home, and some big-batch versions for your holiday par-tay.

Rosemary and Citrus Infused Cranberry Cocktail


This requires a bit of work but is the perfect choice if you are trying to one-up your girlfriends, or if you are all about getting the insta-shot! Recipe here!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate


Minty and boozy and chocolatey, yes, yes, yes. Love the idea of using a slow cooker to keep it warm all night- I have made hot cocktails many times and never thought of that! Sub the orignial recipe with almond or coconut milk for all my lactose intolerant sistah’s out there!

Holiday Paloma


Love this holiday version of one of my favorite drinks- the Paloma. Simple (3 ingredients is more my style) but I dig the idea of freezing pomegranate seeds in ice cubes- you could use the idea for any cocktail! Original recipe here

Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail


We had to include a champagne cocktail! You could double this recipe and serve it as a punch or enjoy it solo by tweaking the amounts a bit- oh and #lazygirl status skip the candied version of the rosemary- ain’t nobody got time for that.

Merry drinking ya’ll!

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