Wedding Recap: Danielle and Andrew

You know when you meet someone new, and you just instantly fall in love with them? That was how I felt when I met Danielle and Andrew. They were charming and sweet and funny and I could tell how perfect they were for each other right away. Not to mention they are stylish AF and Danielle designed a gorgeous wedding day. This right here is why we at PTC have the best job ever. Wonderful people, pretty things, and FUN ASS PARTIES.

The couple did their first look at a park near home – man oh man do I love a good first look! Thanks to Jessie Schultz Photography for killing it all day and sharing these awesome photos.

Oh and can we just take a moment to appreciate that Martina Liana gown?!

I love a wedding party in all black. Chic and classic. Danielle had some great advice to share about their decision to do a first look:

“DO a first look! We went back and forth on this and realized that a lot of the scheduling and time sensitive decisions were being made around the timeline and photos after the ceremony. I had anxiety about getting everything done before the sun set on our January wedding day… it just made the most sense for us to do it! It did make for an early glam/prep time but it really wasn’t all that bad. The stress free photo session with the bridal party and family was well worth the early glam time. The first look was one of my favorite parts of the entire day… it literally was the photographers and my soon-to- be husband and my SIL who helped get me from one location to the other. But it was just us, we could be us and talk to each other and share in such beautiful moment before all the mayhem began. Your ceremony and the reception are beautiful moments as well but it is chaos, let’s all be honest here. The first look let us slow down for just a moment, it was our time, all about us and it most definitely puts your nerves at ease. The minute I saw my fiancé standing there I immediately felt calm and much more relaxed, I knew at that moment that the rest of the day would be a breeze because he would be right by my side – corny maybe but it was kind of everything.”

The ceremony and reception were both held at The Colony House in Anaheim. PTC loves this venue! It’s modern and funky but still elegant and it is owned by 24 Carrots Catering who does a phenomenal job with everything from service to food to design!

Those gorgeous florals are from Twig and Vine Florals and we are all about repurposing flowers as much as possible! We used the ceremony arch as the backdrop for the sweetheart table. Ceremony candles got moved all around the venue and even bridesmaids bouquets can find new homes for the reception.

More amazing advice from the bride about designing your day:

“What is important to you and your future hubby? For us, it was FUN, FAMILY, FOOD, FRIENDS, FLOWERS and FOTOS (see what I did there.) We wanted our day to be fun, traditional at times but fun overall. We had a somewhat traditional ceremony and then cut out lots of the traditional wedding reception stuff for ample party time, equipped with a robot on stilts. When your wedding must haves and priorities are clear from the beginning it makes it a lot easy to tackle each priority piece by piece. We wanted good food and not the traditional rubber chicken situation and we wanted to choose a venue in close proximity to the majority of our friends and family. Last but definitely not least, beautiful flowers and an amazing photographer. I LOVE flowers and fell in love with a local florist prior to the wedding and when it came time to choose a florist for our big day the decision was very easy for us. I really would have done anything to have her bless us with her beautiful work. Lastly, a photographer. I had never taken professional photos before, a model I am not, but I was obsessed over our photographer’s style… I stalked her for a bit on IG and once I got engaged it was a decision we made together, it was actually more me convincing my fiancé why we absolutely needed her. “This is an investment into our wedding and our future…. Our children will see them one day.” It worked and it was the best decision ever – he agrees!

Could you just die over the custom denim? I know.

Like Danielle said, FUN was definitely the theme. Did you catch when she said robot on stilts? Cuz ya.

Just when I thought I had seen it all, the couple brought in a totally unique and super fun service called “La Hora Loca” – bascially they provide performers that come in and surprise everyone in the middle of dancing for an hour of craziness! The robot and a super foxy samba dancer handed out props, led everyone in dances, took photos and created well, la hora loca!

They had a gorgeous cake AND a donut bar…oh and they were GLITTER DONUTS!

Behind the scenes of this beautiful photo was myself, my assistant and the second photographer attempting to get the L O V E balloons to stay in place so you could actually read it. Don’t believe everything you see on Pinterest ya’ll.

The bride’s last pieces of advice was to hire a DOC of course! Not to toot our own horns (toot motha fuckin toot!) but of course we agree that it is something every wedding needs!

I mean I am Type A crazy, organized planner. When I first got engaged the first thing I did was look for a venue AND a Day of Coordinator. I knew I needed a DOC, there was no way I would be able to keep my eye on the detailed agenda and vendors all while trying to enjoy my day, take it all in, socialize, and have fun. If you are anything like me when it came time to actually plan and make decisions, I knew I would want to find the vendors myself, speak to them, set my expectations, build a rough timeline and plan what goes where from the beginning but then you have to consider who was going to actually follow through with it all…. Your sister’s best friend is great I am sure but this is not the job for her either – You need a DOC!”

Thank you Danielle and Andrew!


Coordination- Pop the Champagne

Photography- Jessie Schultz Photography

Florals- Twig and Vine Florals

Venue/Catering- Colony House by 24 Carrots


Entertainment- La Hora Loca

Cake- I and P flowers

Photobooth- Green Screen Photobooth


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