Big Batch Fall Cocktails

I have to admit, I am a summer type of gal- I do not like cold weather, I hate ugg boots, and well, fuck your PSL.

However, life goes on, and if I have to suffer through chilly nights (yes I know it only gets like 65 here in SoCal) I want a fun, Fall-inspired DRANK to get me through.

I love making a big-batch version of cocktails so when I have friends over (or when I don’t want to keep getting up and making myself multiple drinks- DONT JUDGE ME!) it is easy and they also look really pretty in a bowl or glass dispenser.

Here are a few ideas you can make this Thanksgiving to get your family drunk….

rosemary aperol punch

The Rosemary Baby – an aperol, bourbon, champagne delight!



Evening in Kingston- This one is all booze so you know it’s good (or at least potent!)



Chilled Cider Punch- Ginger beer goodness!

Now go on and enjoy yourself! I mean… enjoy with others ;)

What do you think?

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