Wedding Recap: Brett and Andrew

The one word that comes to mind when I think about Brett and Andrew’s beautiful wedding day is JOYOUS. So much laughter, so many tears, a choreographed dance, long emotional toasts, and just non-stop smiles.

Thank you to the talented and lovely Steve Cowell Photography for capturing the day so well.

Brett and Andrew kept it casual, spending the morning together and arriving at the venue together. Then they spent a little time separate, while getting dressed, so they could have the “first look” moment.

They didn’t have formal wedding parties, but spent the time getting ready with their closest friends: Brett with his guys, and Andrew had a harem of ladies! It felt like every guest there was an important member of the family- even though most weren’t actually family! Sure there is always a random aunt you have to invite but its so important to keep your guest list intentional, and think about whose energy you want surrounding you the whole day.

Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-3118Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-3097

First look photos are always a favorite of mine. It is one of the only moments of the day that is raw and private. I always recommend first looks to my clients for both emotional and logistical reasons. It’s special to have that experience just the two of you, but then so relaxing to just get to hang with your person leading up to your ceremony.

Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-2020Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-2024Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-2034Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-2057

The ceremony was one of the most emotional I have seen in my 8 years of doing weddings! Brett and Andrew’s mutual friend- who first introduced the couple! – did an amazing job officiating the ceremony. Just like Dolly says in Steel Magnolias, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” and that was exactly the vibe. Not a dry eye in the motherfuckin house.

Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-4066Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-4062

64592212_2592543274089885_2531963270592462848_nAndrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-4186

I love when a couple’s community of friends and family participate in the day – it adds personality to the wedding, and really illustrates what a wedding is all about- celebration, community and an outpouring of love. Brett and Andrew had a friend perform during cocktail hour and another choreographed their (fucking amazing) first dance to Queen.

Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-5050Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-5052Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-5071Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-5106

Love the simple yet dramatic look of the tall palm centerpieces- we used the same pieces to line the aisle during the ceremony and then moved them for the reception #bangforyourbuck

Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-1144

They served cupcakes for dessert and yet another friend made their cutting cake. Also could you die for the polaroid cake topper?!

Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-1161Andrew+Brett- Married_stevecowellphoto-1162

I like to ask my clients for their “lessons learned” – the pieces of advice they would share with other engaged couples. From Andrew…

-Don’t stress too much over design details
-Take breaks when planning together. We found ourselves having marathon sessions and realized it was more fun when you take breathers!
-Start early! There is no such thing as “planning too early.”

Thank you Brett and Andrew for letting Pop the Champagne be a part of your day, make your party pretty, and witness your beautiful love!


Coordination: Pop the Champagne

Venue: Ebell of Long Beach

Catering: Tres LA

Photographer: Steve Cowell

Florist: The Flower Lab

DJ- Vox DJs

Ceremony/Cocktail Pianist- Jeremy Weinglass


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