Fuck Weddings Podcast

Holy shit we started a podcast!

Lead party animal of PTC, Allie Shane (me!), along with wedding photographer extraordinaire Brittany, of BKM Photography, have officially launched The Fuck Weddings Podcast.

Fuck weddings you say? Did my wedding coordinator just say FUCK WEDDINGS? Why yes, yes I did. Because the podcast is really a love letter to weddings. It’s a giant, semi-organized brain dump of a ton of knowledge, expertise, opinions and ACTIONABLE advice that I think will help make your wedding planning process, and wedding day, better.

I love weddings. I really do. But the industry is crazy, the pressure on couples planning is crazy, vendors that exploit clients are crazy…and that is who we are giving the middle finger to. The podcast is here to empower and educate you to ask the right questions, buck tradition or embrace it, and create an experience that is special to you and fun to your guests.

So! If you are planning a wedding- you should definitely give it a listen. The episodes are short and chock full of info. If you are a wedding vendor- you should give it a listen. The episodes have guest interviews and opinions that are valuable to all of us making the industry better. And if you just want to support me, please go subscribe, download, and rate 5 stars, JUST TO MAKE SURE WE DON’T GET SWALLOWED INTO THE APPLE PODCAST ABYSS!

We have more to say, and really hope to start a whole community of Fuck Weddings couples and vendors that can help make weddings better!

Listen HERE, join our Facebook group HERE, and if you have questions or want to be featured on a Fuck Weddings podcast episode because you’ve got shit to say- click HERE.

Love you all!


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