Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer full or partial planning packages?

We keep it simple with one package, one price. DOC is all we do and that’s good for you- it means we are really experienced, really affordable and you don’t have to worry one bit about getting sold on something you don’t want or need.

We have recently expanded (oh hey Covid!) to offer The Backyard Wedding Collective which is a full service planning option for small, at-home weddings. Check out the BWC site or contact us if you think that might be a good fit!

What is the difference between day-of and month-of coordination?

The wedding lingo can get confusing. “Day of coordinator” was the accepted name for the role, but it is misleading because any coordinator worth their salt is providing MUCH more than day-of support. So it became “month of” and now you’ll see other terms like “wedding management”. We provide support from the day you book us, get heavily involved about 12 weeks before your date, manage it all the month-of, and then kick wedding ASS on the day-of….call it what you want.

My venue provides a “coordinator” – do I still need you?

Usually venue coordinators are there for just that- the venue. They are not responsible for any other vendors you bring in, helping to run the ceremony and all the events throughout the night. Check your contract and talk to the venue to find out details of what they are willing to do for you- most will encourage you to bring someone else in- some even require it!

I see there is a whole team of babes – Who will be my DOC?

You will be in contact with Lead Party Animal, Allie, from the beginning. She is there to answer your questions and guide you through the planning process, providing tools, resources…and a shoulder to cry on when you really need it. About 12 weeks before your wedding, she will assign the best babe for the job based on scheduling, experience with your venue and/or vendors, and personality. From there, your DOC will take the reins, do your in-person meeting, and basically become your favorite person in the world until your wedding is over!

How many coordinators will be at my wedding?

Every wedding includes an assistant coordinator. It doesn’t matter the number of guests or type of venue- our goal is to ensure you the best service possible. There are countless times in a wedding day your coordinator is getting pulled in several directions. An assistant ensures nothing slips through the cracks, your guests are better directed and assisted, and of course, that your needs are met, vision is executed and you always have a drink in your hand!

In rare situations (two locations, huge guest count, non-venue venues) an extra lead or additional assistant is necessary for us to execute your event flawlessly. We can discuss options to make sure you are taken care of!

Do you have any set hours for Day of Coordination?

No set hours or set duties. We are usually the first to arrive at the venue, and the last to leave. Wedding days are long and we love to get our hands dirty- we are there to get the job done no matter what that takes from setup to strike.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Southern California and have no travel fees for all of Orange and most of LA Counties. We only charge a flat $500 travel fee for San Diego, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, Palm Springs and Riverside Counties.

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