Services and Pricing

We’re like the OG’s of DOC! It’s what we do. It’s all we do. We do it best. 

We keep it simple with one price and one package- here’s the deets:

Why do I need a “Day of Coordinator”?

The one thing EVERY couple needs, is a Day of Coordinator. The rehearsal and wedding day really need that person to keep things running in order, to wrangle the wedding party and families, to deal with the multiple vendors, and make sure your vision turns out beautifully. You know all those details you have been obsessing over for a year? Ya, we make sure all those details ACTUALLY get executed.

The couple (along with their moms, aunts, best friends etc) should be able to ENJOY every second of the big day…The Day of Coordinator is there to answer all the questions, organize the many moving parts, and sometimes be the Bad Guy.

Ok, I can see that…so what do you do?

Our DOC package starts as soon as you hire us. You will receive planning tools and a recommended vendor list, and you get unlimited email access to the PTC team. Next, you’ll meet in person about 6 weeks before the wedding to create a timeline and go through the nitty gritty (How many toasts do you want? Who will handle the marriage certificate? Who is taking home the gifts?)

Then, the rehearsal… You would be surprised how difficult it can be to get 12 people to walk in a straight line and then stand in one spot for half an hour! This is when “the bad guy” often has to come out and keep those unruly groomsmen and grandparents on point. Trust us, you will feel way better when this is over!

And of course, the big day! We are the first to arrive and last to leave. We make sure everything is setup, looking great, and troubleshoot when necessary. Here are some examples of DOC duties:

-Set up table numbers, escort cards, favors, guest books, signage and other details and decor.

-Managing all vendors (figuring out where the power is for the DJ, calling the photobooth company when they are late, changing around your timeline when hair and makeup runs late…)

-Be the couple’s eyes, ears and hands. We are your advocate for the day and if things don’t go as planned, we are there to make the best decision possible for you!

Then comes…getting everyone down the aisle! In order, looking good, smiling. Hooray! Champagne for all! But wait, now we have pictures, cocktail hour and moving around guests. The grand entrance! The first dance! We orchestrate the whole event, making sure things get done- but as organically and naturally as possible.

See…all that….that is why you need a Day Of Coordinator.


$2,250 DOC Package including an assistant coordinator

Every wedding includes an assistant coordinator. It doesn’t matter the number of guests or type of venue- our goal is to ensure you the best service possible. There are countless times in a wedding day your coordinator is getting pulled in several directions. An assistant ensures nothing slips through the cracks, your guests are better directed and assisted, and of course, that your needs are met, vision is executed and you always have a drink in your hand!

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